Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Headin' To Calvary, 2014

Shalom, Shalom everyone!  We are happy to be writing this new post.  We have finalized our itinerary for our April 29-May 9, 2014 pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Our theme this year is "Headin' To Calvary" in honor and memory of the late Dr. Charles Hendricks.  It was Dr. Hendricks that gave us ou first opportunity to host a trip to Israel.  What a joy it was to walk with him in the land of the Bible and to learn from a man who had led more than forty groups to the land where the Bible lives.

Have you ever considered traveling to Israel?  Well, now is the time to make the commitment.  Although we cannot explain how, it is a fact that if you join us in 2014, you will never be the same afterwards. 

You will never read the Bible as you once read the Bible.

Below is a link to our website.  There you will find our contact information if you would like to communicate with us.  Once there, click on the Israel 2014 button and click on the link for the itinerary.  It will download in a Microsoft Work document.  If you need a different format, just contact me via an e-mail and we will forward you a converted file of another sort.


As you can see, on our blogspot there are some previous posts with running commentary and pictures of our earlier pilgrimages to the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

Of all the things the Lord has given us privilege to do and see, nothing has compared with our journeys to the Holy Land.

We would be more than honored to have you join us on our next tour. 

But let us say this, if you are interested, we highly encourage you to submit you deposit to ensure you have space in our group.

Thanks for visiting this site and for considering doing such a marvelous thing.  That says a grreat deal about as a believer and a peron.

Until the next post...