Monday, April 6, 2009

Variety of Pictures From Israel

Here are some random pictures of our pilgrimage, not as many as we have, but enough for you to enjoy I hope. The pictures are not in any particular order. No commentary to them, just a note to identify them.


Debbie and Tom at Peter's Bascilla on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Picture of the place where Jeroboam built a temple in Dan at a place called Tel Dan.

Looking down on the Wailing Wall on our way up a walkway to the Temple Mount or to the top of Mt. Morriah.

An artist rendition of what the Southern Steps of the Temple might have looked liked in Jesus' day.

Does this need any explanation at all? (The place of the skull: Mt. Calvary: Golgotha)

A model of what Jerusalem looked liked just before its destruction.

The hosts from left to right: Dr. David, Debbie, Tom.

A street on the level of Jerusalem in the first century. Jesus probably walked along this corridor.

Soon to be baptized in the River Jordan at Yardenit.

An amazing view of the Sea of Galilee and surrounding area from the top of Mt. Arbel.

Our guide Hana Kessler and bus driver Haim Kalifa.
Both of Jerusalem, Israel.

A boat like the one we floated the Galilee on and had a marvelous worship experience on.

Untouched evidence of earthquake effects on the city of Bet Shean in Jordan rift valley.

Look closely at the small door in the bottom left corner of the large green door and you will be able to see a "camel's needle."

The remains of a synagogue at Capernaum. This was built on the foundation of the synagogue Jesus visited while in Capernaum.

A view of the Western Wall or the Wailling Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

A fig.

The Eastern Gate. One of my personal favorite sites.

This is what we did while in Israel, walked in the steps of Jesus. In fact, we walked more than 60 miles.

The is located near Tel Dan. Abraham may have walked on these steps when he came to deliever his nephew lot. I can imagine him calling one of the Canaanite kings out for an old fashion "whoopen".