Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog 12 Headed Home

Blog 12 Heading Home

Well, the day we all know would arrive has arrived: the day we start our long journey back home.

As you might imagine, we are tired but blessed. We are blessed in ways that will take a life time to tell about.

We have returned with thankful and full hearts. All those new things we saw and heard flood our minds. Tears still come without much effort. Memories abound about the last eleven or twelve days. Many of the sights and sounds of the past several days have become a part of us for the rest of our lives. The journey has been nothing less than amazing!

Everyone was anxious to see our families once again and to spend time telling about all things we have both seen and heard. They may even have something chosen especially just for you, purchased in the Holy Land.

Let me say again, “THANKS” to all of you who helped make the trip of a life time a reality. Thanks for your encouragement, your support, and the sacrifice of whatever sort it may have been to make this happen. God bless you for being such the special individual.

Our schedule was what we had expected, thankfully. I will not have wi-fi access at our airport, so this will be my last post until I arrive home. I will post as soon as possible and, as I have already said, also put up some pictures.

After I do get some rest, I will do another post with some additional pictures.

By the way, why don’t you start planning TODAY for our next pilgrimage. We have place reserved just for you. If it be the good Lord’s will, we will be returning in the Spring of 2012. The theme for our next pilgrimage is “Headin’ To Calvary.” I like that don’t you? I hope so. I hope you will begin making plans to join us today. We do not have the exact dates as yet, but we are working on our plans even as I type. In fact, I do know, as early plans stand, it will be in early May. Probably May 1-12, 2012.

From a group of tired, but blessed pilgrims,