Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog 1 On Our Way...:O)

The day we have been looking forward to has finally arrived! We are on our way to a life changing experience! It is just that simple and yet just that sublime.

Some of us will begin our journey from Charleston, WV, others from Charlotte or Willmington, NC, and still others from Columbus, OH. But once we meet in Philadelphia, PA we will be one group of pilgrimages on our way to the land of promise. The land God has given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all their descendents...forever. Make no mistake about the forever thing, God meant what He said and said what He meant.

This day will be very demanding and tiring. By the time we arrive in Tel Aviv we will be exhausted and happy to once again be on terra firma (solid land). Our flight time will be around 10-11 hours. If we get a good tail wind, that could shorten our in-air flight time a little and we will gladly take it.

I would ask that as you pray, pray that our connections from our cities of departure will be on time and that there will be no complications for our arriving in Philadelphia on time for our international departure.

Everyone is excited and filled with wonderful expectations as you already know!

Our families will be missed, but I promise you that you will be carried in our hearts every mile we travel and every step we take. It will be said many times during these twelve days, “I sure wish ___________ was with us!” Maybe the next time we make a pilgrimage to Israel, YOU will be among those numbered among our group.

Don’t forget to check out our blogspot. I will try to make daily posts if possible. Most likely the first blog post I will able to make will be in Galilee.  Our first hotel may offer wi-fi, but even if it does, I'm not sure that I will have the time to send one out...I'll see.

God bless you all is our prayer, and, we feel sure, the prayer of all those you love and already miss.
Numbers 10:29
PS If anyone desires to comment on our post or to e-mail us while we are in Israel, our e-mail address is located in the upper right hand corner of the blogspot page.