Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog 13 We made it :O)

Boker tov everyone!  We have made it home.  Tired, but extremely blessed and, speaking for myself, already homesick for Israel.

Our journey back to the state was long, but, thank the good Lord, uneventful.  Our flights were good, our connections were good, and seeing our families was better than all else.

The daya started early for me here at the Price place.  My sleep was out around 4:00 AM.  My circadian rhythm is still running on Jerusalem time.  It will take a few days and a lot of naps before it will change back to good old EST.

As I type this little blog, I'm looking out of my study window.  I am looking into the Eastern sky and the day is just breaking.  I am looking towards Jerusalem from whence I and eighteen others have just come.  We have brought many things back with us and in some unique and although maybe unexplainable way, we all know we have left something behind.

I wish I could put into words what making a pilgrimage to Israel, the land of promise, the Holy Land, is.  But, I cannot.  It is so layered that it leaves me with a feeling of being overwhelmed. 

As we walked in the land, we used all of our senses while there.  Our touch, our taste, our smell, our hearing, our seeing, and our hearting (I know there is not such thing when it come our five senses, but come with us in 2012, the Lord willing and then you will understand why I added 'hearting.').

Clothes to wash.  Notes to be examined, and hopefully, understood.  Memories to be pondered.  Verses to be marked because hearts have been.  Treasures to be looked at.  Decisions to be made as to who gets what (and we wish we could have gotten all of you everything we saw, but luggage can hold only so much).  Adjustment(s) back into our routine (WV football today).  And a number of other things will help bring us back down to reality.  Walking in Israel and in Jerusalem just isn't the same as walking in WV and Charleston or wherever, but IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME once again and too see those we love.  Those whom God has blessed us with in so many wonderful ways.

Keep visiting my blogspot.  I will continue to edit the blogs I have posted without pictures as time permits.

Thanks for coming by, I hope this little ministry has proven to be a blessing to all of you.  Please drop me an e-mail and let me know.

As the Jews say each year as an ending to a  very special time and dinner for them, (I cannot do it in Hebrew and if I did not many of you could interpret it), "Next year in Jerusalem."